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LOVE SO TENDER: An Elvis anthology

Why settle for Prince Charming when you can have The King?  These three women can’t help falling in love…Vegas style!

Love So TenderwdropshadowIn the hilarious novella Taking Care of Business by Stephanie Bond, Gracie Sergeant hires black-haired, sultry Steve Mulcahy as the new “Elvis” for her Las Vegas wedding chapel–not realizing he’s an undercover FBI agent out to nab a mob boss at his upcoming nuptials. Or that Steve’s secret weapon is all in the hip.
In the uproarious novella Play it Again, Elvis by Jo Leigh, Alyssa Reynolds is trying to conjure up The King in a backroom seance at her Elvis memorabilia shop when Brett Neale walks into her store. With his hypnotic blue eyes, Brett is Elvis–or he will be once she helps him win Vegas’s American Idol-style Elvis Legacy contest.
In the charming rom com novella Good Luck Charm by Joanne Rock, stand-up comic Ellie Evans is determined to keep her relationship with comedy writer Charlie Webster strictly professional–in spite of the attraction.  But just when Charlie’s about to check into the Heartbreak Hotel, he gets personal advice on how to make his moves…from The King himself!


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2 holiday stories in 1 volumeUnder the Mistletoe wdropshadow

Bluebird Winter by Linda Howard

Stranded by a Christmas blizzard on her way to the hospital in labor, Kathleen Fields is out of luck. Until Derek Taliferro arrives on the scene with his doctor’s skill and caring heart. Together they bring Kathleen’s child into the world and discover love, the greatest gift of all.

Naughty or Nice? by Stephanie Bond

Eric Quinn Stanton has never let pleasure interfere with business. He arrives early and incognito at a job to see firsthand what’s working…and what’s not. But he can’t seem to see past Cindy’s beautiful green eyes or her other generous assets. And he can’t stop himself from testing her skills—on the job and in the bedroom. But what will she think when she learns his true identity?


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