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NEW! Don’t miss out on the free COMA GIRL daily serial!

I’m so excited to share news of a new project!  COMA GIRL is a new daily serial beginning Friday, July 1 right here on my website.  In COMA GIRL, a victim of a tragic event lies in a hospital bed, at the mercy of friends and relatives who think she can’t hear them.  Click here to read the introduction to COMA GIRL, and be sure to set a reminder to come back every day for the latest segment! Coma-Girl-smaller banner ad-250x300

NEW BOOK! Baby, It’s You novella is latest installment in the Southern Roads series!

I’m happy to announce the release of BABY, IT’S YOU, the newest installment in the Southern Roads series!  In BABY, IT’S YOU, Dr. Jay Cross is worried things are getting serious Baby It's You with dropshadowbetween Rachel Hutchins and Barry Devine, and decides if he’s going to land the brainy beauty, he’s going to have to up his game. So Jay approaches the three Armstrong brothers, all of them strapping ex-military men, and asks them to make him over from a small-framed British intellect into an alpha male Southern boy who will get Rachel’s attention. The brothers agree and are determined to make a Southern man out of him, but will all the sweat and humiliation be a waste of time?  For more information on BABY, IT’S YOU, including links to order, click here.

For more information on this romance series, click here for the FAQs page.

I hope you’re enjoying the Southern Roads series!  There is some interest in turning it into a TV series, so fingers crossed!

In case you missed the STOP THE WEDDING! movie, here are the repeat airdates

Thank you, wonderful readers and supporters, for making the premiere of the STOP THE WEDDING! Hallmark movie the most-watched cable TV show of the night!  AND it was the most Tweeted premiere across all of TV land!  #StoptheWedding trended on the east coast!

If you missed the premiere of Stop the Wedding! here are the repeat airdates.  Hope you enjoy!  If so, Tweet your love to #StoptheWedding!  For a sneak peek, click here for the trailer!


In BABY, IT’S YOU, a geeky British doctor asks the strapping Armstrong brothers to make him over into a Southern boy to capture the attention of a certain woman…Baby It's You with dropshadow

About the SOUTHERN ROADS series:  The Armstrong brothers decide to rebuild their mountain hometown that was destroyed by a tornado ten years ago.  Thanks to the army of men they’ve recruited, they’re making progress…until the men threaten mutiny from the lack of female company!  So the brothers take out an ad for “women with a pioneering spirit”…and they wait.

Note:  This story is novella-length and not available in print.
All the stories in the SOUTHERN ROADS romance series, in order:
BABY, I’M YOURS (prequel novella)
BABY, I’M BACK (short story)
BABY, HOLD ON (novella)
BABY, IT’S YOU (novella)

If you loved the HERE COME THE BRIDES TV show of the 60s, this series is for you!

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