STOP THE WEDDING! to be a Hallmark Channel movie!

At the end of my romantic comedy STOP THE WEDDING! in my From the Author note, I mention that I’d love to see STW! as a movie someday.  And it’s happening:  STOP THE WEDDING! is in development for a movie on Stop-the-Wedding-movie announcement versionthe Hallmark Channel!  I’m so, so pleased….especially considering the history of this book.

Seventeen years ago, an editor asked me to write a romantic comedy for her “line,” which at that time, was known for more serious stories.  I pitched her the concept for STOP THE WEDDING! and she liked it, but said in order to convince her senior editor, she’d need to see the completed manuscript.  I agreed, but warned her it would be a few months while I finished writing books I already had under contract.  A few months later when STW! was finished, I learned she’d left the company…and her senior editor wasn’t interested in even reading the manuscript.  So I offered it to another editor I was working with, but she turned it down, too, also unread.  Over the next decade or so, any time an editor asked me for more material, I offered up STW!, but it was always rejected, always unread.  I believe it was rejected 7 times.

Fast forward to 2012 when the books I’d revamped and republished on my own the previous year were selling well.  I remembered STOP THE WEDDING! and wondered if it was salvageable….but first I had to find the files!  I finally located them on a dusty 3 1/2″ diskette languishing in a desk drawer.  The problem was I no longer had a computer with a drive that would read the diskette.  I sent it off to a service to have the files transferred to a CD, not knowing if the files were even readable.  When I got the CD, I put it in my computer and held my breath…and the files were still intact!  The next test was to see if the story still held up after all that time…and it had.  It needed to be updated, of course, but I still liked the characters and the plot.  So I polished it and published it on my own, with no great expectations.

And wouldn’t you know–to-date, it is my best-selling book.  🙂  Isn’t that the way of things?  Thanks to wonderful readers like you, STOP THE WEDDING! has been at the top of the Kindle charts in English, German, and French.  (Italian and Spanish-language versions coming soon.)

I credit a lot of those sales to the great cover designed by Andrew Brown of Click Twice Design.  He “gets” the way I like my covers–simple, clean and bright.  And even though editors didn’t fall in love with the concept, readers seemed to embrace the idea of a man and woman determined to  stop their parents from getting married wind up falling in love with each other.  It’s a light, fun romantic comedy meant to entertain–and I assume (hope) the people at Hallmark agreed!  I’ll keep you posted on an airdate.   I’m SO excited to see who is cast as Belle and Martin, Annabelle and Clay.

After its bumpy, circuitous route to publication, I refer to STOP THE WEDDING! as The Little Book That Could.  The book business is a rollercoaster–you never know what’s around the corner.  But I’m hands-up for the ride!

I THINK I LOVE YOU available in German!

My humorous romantic mystery I THINK I LOVE YOU is now available in German!  In I THINK I Think I Love You German coverI LOVE YOU (Ich glaub, ich lieb dich!), three estranged sisters reunite to help their mother through a difficult time, but things quickly go sideways when the man all the sisters were once in love with puts in an appearance!   Buy the German version from or from



7 BRIDES FOR 7 BODIES now available in audio!

If you’re an audiobook lover, the latest installment in the Body Movers series, 7 BRIDES FOR 7 BODIES is now available in audio!  Narrated by the amazing Maureen Jones.7-Brides-Cover-ACX

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THREE WISHES available in French!

My romantic comedy THREE WISHES is now available in French!  In THREE WISHES (Ladden et la lampe merveilleuse), an antiques Three Wishes--Frenchdealer who’s in love with the governor’s girlfriend unwittingly releases a genie from a lamp and wishes himself into a hole the size of the Grand Canyon!  Apparently, the French like themselves a little magic, too.   Buy the French version from or from

Thank you to Amazon Crossing!

I just got this great metal plaque of the cover of my book STOP THE WEDDING! in German from my Amazon Crossing team!  (This is me at my desk in my home office.)  STOP THE WEDDING! (Stoppt die Hochzeit!) hit the Kindle bestseller list in Germany.  Steph at desk with German cover plaque

7 BRIDES FOR 7 BODIES available now!

The next full-length installment of the BODY MOVERS series, 7 BRIDES FOR 7 BODIES, available now!  Ebook available everywhere:  Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, GooglePlay, and  Print book available now at Amazon and coming soon to  Audiobook coming in April to Amazon and Audible.)20 7 Brides for 7 Bodies

7 BRIDES FOR 7 BODIES has been a long time in the making, and represents a milestone for me personally.  Back when I was writing book 6 for my publisher, my editor warned me that in-house support for the series was waning, and I might be given only one more book to wrap up the series.  That necessitated an escalation in the story arc–if I only had one more book to explain everything, then I needed for (spoiler alert if you haven’t read book 6!) Carlotta and Wesley’s father to return at the end.  I’d wanted them to have time to look into their father’s case before he returned, but my hand was forced.  Then–surprise!  My publisher didn’t give me one more book to finish the series–they dropped the series altogether.

I went on to write a romance series for them–the mortgage kind of needed to be paid.  But readers were understandably upset that the BODY MOVERS series had ended on a cliffhanger.  That was 2009 and I had no options for finishing the series–no publisher wants to pick up a series that another publisher has dropped and still controls the early books.

Then in 2011 I launched a self-publishing venture to get some early titles back out there, and finishing the BODY MOVERS series on my own was suddenly a possibility.  But I was in a bind, so to speak:  my publisher still held the rights and control of the first 6 books for which they’d demonstrated disregard; for an author, that’s a dangerous place to operate from.  I asked for the rights back to the first 6 books and was refused.  I offered to buy the rights back–still no.   Which left me in a dilemma:  The only way I was ever going to get the rights back to books 1-6 was if the sales for those books dipped below a certain threshold.  If I continued to write books in the series, I would be driving sales back to those early books, which would virtually guarantee I’d never get the rights back.  What to do?

I decided to keep writing books in the BODY MOVERS series.  But while all the above was going on, I had set other projects in motion, which I had to finish.  And business was booming–suddenly it was necessary to get my self-published books in other formats and languages, and that was all on me.  Months passed while I got other pieces of business put in place, then (gulp!) years.

Here’s where I should say that my former publisher, even though they haven’t reverted the ebook rights for the BODY MOVERS series, has since demonstrated a willingness to work with me on other aspects of the BODY MOVERS series, including helping me to get the out-of-print books available in print once again.  The situation isn’t ideal, but it’s a working compromise.

ANYWAY, no one is happier than I am that BODY MOVERS book 7 is here…the drama was killing me!  I only hope you will think it was worth the wait. ~



20 7 Brides for 7 BodiesAvailable now!  Order the print book and get the Kindle book for only 99 cents!

Happily never after….

Carlotta Wren’s life has taken a startling turn—she’s not sure what’s going to happen next.  So when her retail job temporarily plants her in the world of wedding planning, she’s happy for the distraction—at first.  Because the happily-ever-after setting only heightens the stress surrounding the decisions she faces about her romantic life.  The three hot men vying for her attention aren’t going to wait forever for her answer.

On the other hand, at least the bridal show gets her away from body moving for a while, right?  Wrong.  Because when grooms all over Atlanta start dropping like flies, once again, Carlotta finds herself square in the middle of a murder mystery!


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12 Stop the Wedding 768x1024If anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace….

In this best-selling romantic comedy, Annabelle Coakley and Clay Castleberry are determined to stop their parents from getting married…they didn’t count on falling in love with each other!

*** Check local listings for encore airings of the Hallmark Channel movie of STOP THE WEDDING!   ***

“There should be a notice on her books:  For a really GOOD time, read Stephanie Bond!” –America Online Romance Fiction Forum

“Stephanie Bond never fails to entertain me and deserves to be an auto-buy.”  —Romance Reviews Today

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Strangers in Paradise with shadowParadise is heating up in these two reader-favorite tales from bestselling author Stephanie Bond and three-time RITA® Award nominee Joanne Rock.

Club Cupid by Stephanie Bond

Workaholic Frankie Jensen can’t resist bringing work with her on vacation. But when her briefcase is stolen just before she’s supposed to head home, Frankie has no choice but to stay in Key West until she finds it. Sun-kissed Randy Tate, the bartender and owner of a local hangout, offers to help. But Randy’s help seems to involve a lot of hot, lazy days and steamy, tropical nights. Frankie may never find her briefcase, but she’s starting to wonder why she’d even want to…

Valentine Vixen by Joanne Rock

Francesca Donzinetti just spent a mortifying week on a romantic reality show, only to be voted off by the TV audience. So the last thing she expects to discover is that Lucky Adams—the show’s sexy bachelor secretly lusted over her. Now he’s offering Francesca her very own reality show at a seaside locale. But this time, Lucky will be the only contender. And Francesca will be lucky if she gets away with her heart intact…


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