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Change is good...but not great.


Hey, there.   It’s me, the girl you probably hate—you know, the tall skinny blonde at the gym, the one who disses you at the water fountain?  I’m here to tell you everything you suspect about me is true:

Yes, I have an easy job making ridiculous money.

Yes, I turned the extra bedroom in my fab Atlanta condo into a closet for my designer wardrobe.

Yes, I have a personal assistant.

And yes, as a matter of fact, my gorgeous boyfriend is a doctor.

My life is beyond amazing and more than I could’ve dreamed of when I was growing up.  My mother might say I’ve “gotten above my raisin’.”  I guess that’s why I’ve become such a diva…and why a part of me has always been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

As much as you dislike women like me (rightfully so because admittedly, even I kind of hate me), you’ll be happy to know when the shoe finally dropped—Christian Louboutin, of course—it landed with a giant, life-changing crash.

I'm Della, by the way.  Della Culpepper.  And trust me—you won't want to miss my freefall into reality.

The TEMP GIRL daily
 serial will run July 1 - December 31.  The daily episode will be available only for 24 hours (approximately 4am-4am Eastern), so set a reminder on your phone, computer, or fridge to get your free TEMP GIRL fix every day!



September 22, Friday

“LAST NAME Jeffers,” the guy at the counter of the drycleaners said, then handed back the ticket to me.

I was sitting on a hard stool, operating the spinner rack, trying to remember what Constance Hanlon had said about every job, no matter how small, meaning something to someone. I slowed the rack of swinging garments and matched the numbers.

To Mr. Jeffers the fact that these three ugly shirts were clean and starched meant something.  Now he could go out on that first date that might miraculously result in a second.  Or he could visit his great-grandmother in the nursing home and make her happy he was wearing a shirt she’d given him.  Or he could go to that retro 80s costume party and win first prize.

“Here you go,” I said, handing off the clothes.  I couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at Mr. Jeffers.  Although the suspenders were unexpected, the rest of him meshed with the persona I’d built in my mind, down to the blatant wink he gave me before swaggering out.

I was resigned to returning to the spinner rack when a scene out the window caught my eye.  The woman with the clipboard from the backroom of the cleaners was standing next to the rack of unclaimed clothing, and she appeared to be giving it out to anyone who wanted it.  A knot of people surrounded the rack.

“Is that the owner?” I asked Cheater Boss.

“One of the owners,” he said, nodding.  “That’s Mrs. Gladstone—she and her husband own the place.  She does that all the time—gives away the unclaimed clothing to homeless people who hang around the park.”

“That’s nice of her,” I murmured, happy the clothes I’d ferreted out would find a home.

Even the smallest, most demeaning task means something to someone. 

I recognized two people in the crowd vying for the garments—the teenage girls, pregnant and non-pregnant, I’d seen in the music store.  The pregnant girl looked ready to pop, and both of them looked even more bedraggled and lost.  But they both had smiles on their faces as they held up and assessed the free, clean clothes.  It was something.  ~

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